At Paradigm Salon, we have a level system for our stylists.

  • Associate Artist 
  • Junior Artist 
  • Senior Artist 
  • Master Artist

A promotion to each level is based on a number of factors including: demand on time, skill, experience and education. As a stylist moves up in levels, you will see a small increase in the costs of their services. This is reflective of the investment they have made in their professional development. 

Guests may choose any level stylist that best fits their needs and budget. 

In-depth Training

Whether they’re new to the industry or new to our salon, our stylists receive an in-depth training, personally taught by top stylists at Paradigm Salon. During this training period, they are assisting and learning from higher level stylists in order to advance their skills, improve speed, and learn specific Paradigm techniques. Once having completed the training program, associates are promoted to Junior Artist, and can start servicing guests alone.

Keep in mind, we work as a team. So feel free to have services with as many different stylists as you’d like!

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